Happy Beast Maine Coon Cattery

Polydactyl Maine Coon

How to choose a kitten?

Pay attention to details.✅✅

‼️‼️Basically, a kitten is now chosen by photographs – not many inexperienced buyers who are looking for a kitten will be able to see signs of illness in kittens in the photographs. ‼️

Therefore, if there is an opportunity, you should still look live at the kitten you have chosen.

✨✨When it comes to booking a kitten – the breeder will not refuse to accept you personally and show you a kitten – unless, of course, age already allows – for example, I do not show kittens under 2 months old.

✨✨What you need to pay attention to:💫💫

– The environment in which the kittens are kept :It doesn’t matter – a chic mansion or an ordinary apartment – you don’t need to look at the situation – the most important thing is the cleanliness in which kittens and cats are kept

✅ How their cat life is equipped, is there overcrowding in 6 tails per 2 square ft.

Where and what they feed cats and kittens.

✅ Ask the breeder to show you their cat litter box, because you need to know how to arrange it in your home. 🐱🐱🐱 Of course, they can wash it clean for your arrival and fill it with fresh litter, but they may not do this, and if there are traces of liquid stool on the cat litter, this is not good.

Believe me, it is impossible to restore perfect order to your parish where it does not exist in principle.

⭐If you have a pleasant impression from visiting the breeder’s house, that’s good!

⭐ If you saw unkempt animals and you got the feeling that you visited a cat farm – this is the first call that you went to the wrong place.

⭐And it’s not about the number of cats and kittens – it’s about the breeder’s attitude towards them – and the impression that you have left after visiting this house.

What cats🐈 and kittens look like!

❌ The coat and its appearance is one of the first indicators of a cat’s health. If the cat’s metabolism is all right and she is healthy, then her coat is really silky and shiny, no matter when this cat was last groomed. The same is true for kittens.If the coat is dull and matted or too greasy, this is a wake-up call that needs to be heeded.

❌The kitten sneezes – this may be a simple reaction to the fact that he buried his nose in a dusty corner, but if there is discharge from the nose along with sneezing, then this may well be rhinotracheitis.

❌The kitten has discharge from the eye. This may be a banal dust ingress, a reaction to a flash or something else, or it may be a sign of a herpes virus infection.

❌The kitten has increased salivation and a sore in the mouth. Of course, he could just get hurt by chewing something not edible, but it may well be that this is the beginning of calcevirosis.

❌The kitten is limping. This may be due to the fact that he lay down his foot, jumped unsuccessfully, etc. Or there may be a compression fracture caused by a violation of calcium metabolism and incipient nutritional hyperparateriosis or, again, calcevirosis.

❌The kitten shakes its ears and there is a coating in the ears – these are signs of malocesia, which of course is easy to cure, but if started, then it can also cause a lot of trouble.

🔥🔥🔥You can list all the signs of unhealthy kittens for a long time – but remember the main thing, the kitten of which you came to look should look healthy and cheerful, be clean and well-groomed, and it should smell like a cat’s baby!🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍My lovely babes 😻😻😻I will definitely find you the best parents in the world.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


🐈‍⬛💫General recommendations💫🐈‍⬛

Regardless of which method you choose, there are general guidelines for shortening the adjustment period when introducing a cat into a home.⚜️

💁In advance, even before bringing the kitten, organize everything you need, namely:

❇️Litter box, litter (take some used litter from a previous home).

❇️Bowls, food, water.

❇️Covered cat bed, box or house (it is better to place in a secluded place, ideally in the bedroom).

❇️Bowls with food and water, the litter box is best placed near a secluded place or even in it (for example, under the bed).

❇️Bring things with cat smells to the house beforethe kitten arrives of in sameday (put one of them in the cat house).

❇️ Toys (best of all, a Teaser and a mouse).

❇️ A scratching post or a place for scratching.

❇️ Secluded places for rest are taller than human height (then higher, the better).

❇️Pheromones, for example: Comfort ZONE (it is better to turn them on a few days in advance).🎉

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  1. Hello I’m looking for a good breeder of a Maine coon kittens so far I love what you say!!! No but I’ve owned everything else cats dogs I just survived a house fire that killed my babies! Today we s first time texting u that I haven’t cried saying it! But I’ve made a kind of peace though it’s still super fresh just a little over a month ago in Minnesota living with my mom! It was her home I was there recovering from my last accident that well idk seemed like destroyed my life the last time! If I’m to be honest! Odin was my American bully! 90# my life my love has been only about 1year old barely at the time I spent two weeks i the hospital! Lost my careers my home my car everything that made me me I had to move in with mom ended up on social security because of if! A woman on her cell phone pulled out in front of me in her cell phone while I was riding my Kawasaki Zx10r that ended everything!!! Odin was never the same!!! Then I got zena to help him and me heal n it was Odin n zena n me against the world until the last total lunar eclipse n my life changed forever!!

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