My lovely babies

Why Cats ?

I didn’t like my main job, and it was only when I returned home that I felt happiness, because the most wonderful creatures 😸 on the planet were waiting for me. Of course, they weren’t always show me, but I knew they were happy too. 😲Imagine my reaction when I learned that cats can be your main job😃. We can become a business partner with😻 cats. There was no end to my happiness. 🎆🎆🎆🎆 I love any breed, but seeing the Maine Coon, learning about the personality of the Maine Coon, I fell in love forever. ❤️❤️❤️ So Maine Coons became my partners. Oddly enough, but my Maine Coons can do anything that they are not harmed, they are equal owners of the house❤️‍🔥😸🤝. They pay me the same, calm me down when everything is bad😔, make me laugh😂 when I’m sad, warm me up when it’s cold❤️😻❤️. 🤗The cattery is a family for me.😻

COON of your dreams!💕

What does the Maine coon of your dreams look like?😻When choosing a kitten, you already have in your head some kind of visual image of an adult cat – this is your image – your dream.😻⚠️But how did you create this image, what did you pay attention to when creating it? ⚠️✔️Basically, when seeing a coon for the first time online or at an cat shows, no one pays attention to the features that make up this image. ✔️Everyone sees a huge luxurious cat in front of them, with a Coon’s look, a serious face, a chic tail.♥️Naturally, you have a desire to choose a kitten that, growing into an adult cat, will come closer and closer to the image created by your imagination. How to choose such a kitten?🐈 ✅The type and image is made up of specific traits, and first of all, you need to understand what components your image of your coon has developed from, to understand the type you fell in love with. ✅Try to decompose the image created in your head into the elements described in the standard.⚠️ To do this, I advise you to read the breed standard – look at the photos of the winners of the exhibitions of different systems, but not in the image, but peer into the details. ❤️Try to understand for yourself what details make up the image of your dream coon✅ – The head, with a clearly defined beautiful filled box,✅ – Beautiful smart eyes, the correct form and setting – creating a charming Coon’s look.✅- Profile with good transition and heavy full chin.✅ – Beautiful pedigree ears with tassels.✅- Powerful long body with strong bones and powerful high paws.✅ – Long tail with luxurious, flowing coat.‼️ This point is very important, because without deciding what details of parents and kittens to pay attention to, you will not choose a kitten that, growing up, will come close to the ideal created by your imagination.‼️ Of course, it is very difficult to discern breed traits in a kitten and predict how it will develop, but without such an approach it is even more difficult to do so.

Zoning for a cat 😸😸😸

Many zoopsychologists TALK about this. But they explain only at the consultation and for dollars.

🤷‍♀️Maybe right. May be .

😜Do not think, I am not going to expose and take away earnings from specialists.

Animal psychologists often work individually.

And it is right .

😸My task is to explain to you the basics and give you a direction to think about.

☝️ZONING – division of space into sections with different purposes and modes of use.

✅️Zoning in a house with a cat is a must!✅️

Proper zoning is the key to successful family relationships. 😻

There are essentially three most important zones:

1️⃣ Litter box area – the litter box should be in a convenient and hidden place, preferably two per cat. For a cat, privacy and comfort are important when visiting a boudoir.

2️⃣ For eating – clean, dry and also in a corner.

(I have noticed that it is important for cats to see who can approach them while they are eating and drinking).

Most cats eat slowly, savoring every bite with feeling. There are, of course, those who eat like vacuum cleaners – everything they got and don’t care about serving.

3️⃣ For safety – hide and sleep peacefully or observe.

✅️ For a cat, t Availability of a mountain and a Cave is important.

✔️Cave – hide and sleep.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ZONING RULES:⚠️⚠️⚠️

#️⃣#️⃣🔸️The litter box should not be located next to the food and safety areas!

🔸️Safety zone can be next to the food!

🔸️The scratching post can be in the food and safety area.